It’s your ‘berry’ favourite time of the year! Pick-Your-Own Strawberries is open!

Pick-Your-Own Hours: 

Tuesday-Sunday: 8:00AM – LAST ENTRY 3:00PM (field closes at 4:00pm)

Mondays: Closed except July 1st

As always, please note that Strawberry Picking may be closed in times and/or following times of inclement weather (rain, mud, lightning).

Containers & Pricing:

Strawberries are sold by the container, not by weight.

Payment will be made before entering the patch. Final sale, no refunds.

There is no Admission Fee however everyone ages 3-93 must purchase a container to enter the patch. Children under the age of 3, do not need a container. 

Container Prices:

1L Quart – $6

2L Basket* – $12

3L Basket* – $18

5L Pail* – $30

*Baskets and Pails must be able to be held by the handle or additional charges may apply (handle must be attached).

You are welcome to bring clean 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L containers with the quantity clearly stated on the container and handle attached. Staff reserves the right to refuse any unacceptable containers.

Please Note** All children require adult supervision at all times. If children are found to be in harm’s way and unsupervised, staff will require your group to immediately leave the property with no refund.** 

Payment Methods:

  • ONLY Debit and Cash accepted. We are unable to accept Credit.

When You Arrive:

Enter the Farm on Raglan Road using the West driveway. There will be a small white Pick-Your-Own sign where you enter. Once you have parked, please proceed to the green tent to enter the strawberry patch. Please exit through the main Market driveway.

Getting into the Patch:

There will be wagon rides out to the patch. During peak hours, there will most likely be a small wait to board the wagons. 


    • This is a farm, there may be uneven terrain including rocks, holes & mud, please wear appropriate footwear. 
    • There is no shade in the strawberry patch. Please wear suitable clothing/hats and sunscreen.
  • Anyone who is not following the PYO Rules and/or being belligerent to staff will be required to leave the property.


  • Absolutely no sampling or eating is permitted when you are in the Patch. Please wash your fruit at home before you eat.

PYO Rules:

  • Absolutely no eating is permitted. 
  • Do your part to prevent food waste, please pick cleanly. Don’t leave a red berry behind! 
  • Children must remain with adults and be supervised at all times.
  • Please stay in the section of strawberries that we are picking in. Do not stray.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to other pickers and staff.
  • Please do not trespass into areas where other crops are grown.

Anyone who is not following the rules will be required to leave.


Should I bring my stroller/wagon?

We do not suggest bringing strollers as the rows are too narrow to push through without damaging the plants/berries. They have to be left at the beginning of the row. As well, you will need to lift your stroller/wagon on/off the tractor. 

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, no pets of any kind are permitted on the Farm/Market. Please leave them at home.

Are there washrooms on site?

Yes, there are porta-potties and hand wash stations at the Pick-Your-Own Tent and by the Market but there is not one in the Patch.

When is the best time to pick your berries?

We recommend picking your berries in the beginning of the morning.